The Stone's Cottage
02630 South M-66, East Jordan, MI 49727


Stone's Cottage LakeSide
The cottage from the lake side.

Photo from the road side

Stone's Dock and Lake from the deck
View from the lakeside deck.
The Stone's Cottage
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Links and Info

Phone Numbers (local)
Here are some phone numbers for contacting police and other important organizations.

There are also many useful phone numbers for local businesses and restaurants that we like listed below. We give a short explanation for each.

Useful Phone Numbers:

East Jordan Chamber of Commerce: 231-536-7351

Swan Valley Marina: 231-536-2672

Four Seasons Marina: 231-536-7321

Murray's Bar and Grill: 231-536-3395

Useful Web Links
These web links may be useful in your search for local activities or additional rental information.

City of East Jordan Chamber of Commerce
   East Jordan Chamber of Commerce
   All kinds of useful stuff about the city of East Jordan, Michigan.

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phone: 520-886-8823 (Oct 1 - Apr 30)
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